Clarity on the Golf Course

Small talk leads to a breakthrough insight


A few days ago I was on the golf course, and one of my playing partners was asking about my work. On the 5th tee, he pushed me to go past the usual bland commentary and asked why he might hire someone like me.

That got me thinking.

Why should anyone call me? Since we’re in the business of change, I came up with three circumstances in which we have been successful with clients:

  • When something is NEW: a leader, a team, a product, perhaps even some part of the organization.
  • When something is BROKEN: the culture, the strategy, relationships, processes.
  • When something is EMERGING: a market, a concept, an idea.

As I articulated these different circumstances, it dawned on us both that these are just different ways of thinking about how change is continually expressed in organizations. A call to Campden Hill allows us to get inside — deep inside — your world and its challenges, which leads to solutions, insights, and new practices.

And this conversation itself was an example of this kind of engaged co-creation. We both added something in the form of curiosity, ideas, and being present with each other, with the result that we each came away with something more than we started with.